The Necessity of Phone Cases

A smartphone is a device that almost everyone in the world owns today. They have become one of modern life’s necessities. Owning a smartphone also means that you want to protect it from dust and scratches.

Phone cases provide the best way to protect your smartphone. After all, it’s only right to protect the considerable investment spent in purchasing an android mobile.

The added protection provided by phone cases makes them one of the important items to invest in after purchasing an android phone. The necessity of phone cases includes:


Protecting your phone is the top benefit provided by phone cases. Dropping your expensive smartphone is likely to happen. A protective case serves as the best protection for accidental phone dropping. Opting for the phone cases offering the best protection is always best.

Visual appeal

Other than protection, phone cases provide visual appeal like no other. The huge market of phone cases presents you with a wide array of designs to choose from.

The assorted colours and designs of phone cases can instantly answer your style and preference. Choosing the phone case that appeal to your taste and style is the best way to make it look different from the same mobile phone model used by your family and friends.

Just remember to opt for good brands that offer the best protection as well as an iconic look to your phone.


Phone case designs have evolved since their first creation. Nowadays, phone case designs offer versatility for their users. For instance, a wallet phone case allows users to store notes, credit cards, and money. This has simplified the process of carrying a separate wallet.

Outdoor activities where it can be a pain to bring a wallet and a phone gain freedom from the wallet phone case.

Customised option

Customisation has invaded the designs of phone cases as well. Opting for a customised phone case allows you the freedom to incorporate your unique design.

Customised phone cases allow you to put your face on it, for instance. The world becomes your oyster when choosing a customised look for your phone.

Anti-slip quality

The anti-slip quality of phone cases allows you a better grip on your phone. The ability to get a good grip on your phone works to your advantage when you need to go from one place to another.

Better resale value

Many people tend to frequently switch to newer phone models. A better resale value is gained for an old phone model when it was protected all the time by a phone case.

The protection provided by the phone case makes the device achieve a better shape by the time it’s sold. Buyers are likely to offer better prices when they know that the phone has used a phone case since the day it was bought.

Affordable protection

Phone cases are affordable, even the best brands. Often costing less than $30, high-end phone cases provide phones with:

  • Outer covers made of Polycarbonate material
  • Touch-compatible and built-in screen protector
  • Dual-layered TPU materials
  • And more

Leaving the phone bare is no longer an option today. The constant evolvement of phone models also needs ample protection that only an affordable phone case can give. Buy Samsung s21 ultra phone cases that are available at shops to protect your phone.

Interesting Facts on SEO

An interesting fact about SEO is that it is constantly evolving. Therefore it is essential for SEO agencies in New Zealand to keep up with the latest updates. Keeping in touch with all the innovation can help businesses how up constantly in the top rankings.

Every year Google updates its algorithms hundreds of times. While it sound over whelming having to keep up with all these updates, the SEO agencies need to make sure that they do so.

The following are some of the interesting facts regarding SEO in the coming years which would help you choose the right SEO Company in New Zealand.

  • In order to make sure that you stay at the top along with other contenders it’s important that you play by Google’s rules. While being able to rank on Yahoo orbing is good but it is only those companies which rank on Google who have a higher chance of success. This is because majority of users find about different businesses while searching those on Google then followed by other search engines.
  • When a business ranks high on Google, it appeals to the user’s buyer persona. This means that they would rather prefer to do their own research when looking for a product rather than having to depends on blatant advertising. There are people who are definitely searching for a great many things. The right key words placed strategically can help people find a business much faster. This is exactly what a good SEO company aims at.
  • When a user is looking for a certain good or service they would rather sue a longer key word which is based on four to five words at least. Instead of simply relying on a single word or a term it’s better to use longer key words to enhance the search results. These longer tail keywords always work
  • Usually Google searches take place on mobile device instead of computers. This was an analysis carried out in ten countries including USA and Japan. This means that it is essential for a business website to be mobile friendly. This allows the site to be navigated easily on a mobile device and improve the user experience.
  • Google uses two important signals to rank any website. These include high quality content and link building. This is something which hasn’t changed much in the past four or five years. It is only quality content which can actually help websites gain quality traffic which results in leads. It is important that emphasis is given on quality instead of quantity. This is one thing which appeals to the buyer’s persona and make them visit a website time and again. This also helps develop a loyalty and a sense of reliance between the user and your online business.
  • The longer the content the better it ranks on a website. The simple fact that a search query is longer than four words there is essential something specific which the user is looking for. Therefore a detailed information on what they are looking for is sure to get their attention.
  • The right SEO agencies make sure that they get better at it as time passes by. The top priority is always growing the organic presence of a businesses using the right kind of strategies.

Seeking the help and expertise of SEO New Zealand by Advanced Marketing can help boost your business.