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SEO Consult’s Search Engine Optimisation Services

Search Engine Optimisation is not a magic wand which is waved over a website and results in instant first page search engine results. SEO is a long term strategy which, when implemented properly, can result in sustainable long term results, and an excellent return on your Search Engine Optimisation budget. Here at SEO Consult Australia, we offer a wide range of Search Engine Optimisation services which combine tried and tested SEO techniques with creative thinking and an innovative approach to search marketing.

Search engine look for one major thing when they rank websites and that is relevance. The more relevant results they give to their users, the more the users will return to that search engine. Our Search Engine Optimisation services aim to show the major search engines just how relevant, useful and high quality your website is for human users.

Search Engine Optimisation Analysis

The first step is for SEO Consult Australia to do a free analysis of your website. Our experienced SEO programmers can run a comprehensive breakdown of ways in which your website can be adjusted to achieve a level of Search Engine Optimisation which moves you up the SERPs (search engine results pages) and raises your online profile. At SEO Consult Australia, we use a blend of on page SEO and off page SEO techniques which are individually tailored to your website’s Search Engine Optimisation needs.

SEO Keywords

Choosing your Search Engine Optimisation keywords is a vital part of planning an effective SEO campaign as misdirection here could waste time and money by sending your Search Engine Optimisation strategy down a dead end. That is why our expert SEO programmers at SEO Consult Australia know all about finding the balance in Search Engine Optimisation keyword research. Using a combination of tools, applications and experience, we can find the right search terms for your SEO campaign. They need to be popular enough to see a good volume of monthly use, yet not so competitive that your more established industry peers with a head start on you have the market all sown up.

Copywriting / Content for SEO

Search engines love high quality, relevant content – as do human users, so it makes sense for your website to utilise well written copy as part of your Search Engine Optimisation campaign. One of the keys to approaching SEO copy is to write with more consideration for the human users than for search engines. If your content is set out well, full of useful information and is written with your keywords in mind, then both search engines and visitors will value it. SEO Consult Australia have a team of experienced SEO copywriters who know just what it takes to ensure that search engines love your website content.

Blog Integration

We have found that integrating a blog into your website is a great Search Engine Optimisation tool because it helps your overall SEO efforts on several levels. With fresh and interesting content being added regularly to your website, search engines are encouraged back frequently to spider and index the new text. Well written SEO blogs can target your main keywords which will help your website in the rankings and because the information in your blogs is useful to your site visitors, over time they can build into a useful industry resource, helping your human visitors at the same time as helping your site to build authority with search engines for the maximum Search Engine Optimisation benefit.

SEO Consult Australia can integrate a blog seamlessly into your existing website, and have experienced Search Engine Optimisation copywriters who can create interesting powerfully effective blogs to add an extra dimension to your website and your SEO campaign.

Web Usability

In the competitive online world, it is imperative that your website functions as it should. If potential customers try and make a purchase but fail, the chances they will return are minimal, they will simply go to one of your competitors instead – regardless of how successful your Search Optimisation Campaign which brought them in the first place is working.

Your website structure, navigation and usability is of great importance to users and therefore search engines value it highly too – which means it must be a consideration in your Search Engine Optimisation campaign. If users can’t find what they are looking for quickly and easily then they will think the search result they were given is irrelevant and will navigate away from your page. Search engines will then consider that your site was irrelevant and you may drop down the results listings as a result, harming your overall Search Engine Optimisation efforts.

At SEO Consult Australia, our Search Engine Optimisation technical team are experts in ensuring your website layout, navigation and functionality are SEO friendly. In order to maximise the effects of your Search Engine Optimisation campaign and increase your conversion rate, SEO Consult Australia can provide creative solutions to complement your wider Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

SEO Article Writing & Submissions

A useful off page Search Engine Optimisation technique is writing and submitting articles. These high quality pieces of original content are submitted to specialist websites which will then create valuable backlinks to your website and help your wider Search Engine Optimisation campaign to gain authority with the engines. They are keyword targeted and can stay live on article sites for months, helping your SEO strategy over the long term as well as bringing Search Engine Optimisation benefits straight away too.

As with all SEO content, quality is the key, which is why SEO Consult Australia’s team of experienced, professional article writers can help to give your Search Engine Optimisation efforts a boost. The copy is structured in a way to encourage readers to follow the embedded links to your website and our articles are submitted manually to handpicked and targeted editors and journalists. For maximum Search Engine Optimisation benefit, articles need to be written and submitted regularly.

Online Press Releases

One way in which to raise your profile online and help to build that vital Search Engine Optimisation link juice is to distribute regular online press releases. As with many SEO techniques, press releases work on more than one level to give Search Engine Optimisation benefit. Firstly they will raise the profile of not only your business and brand but also your SEO keywords through search engines. With hyperlinks leading back to your website, press releases can produce powerful and effective inbound links which adds to the other off page Search Engine Optimisation methods implemented for maximum SEO impact.

The way that press releases are written and distributed has everything to do with how valuable they are to your overall Search Engine Optimisation campaign. The most creative, exciting and dynamic press releases are pointless in SEO terms unless they find their way to the right readership. At SEO Consult Australia, our team of professional copywriters partner with you to produce high quality and newsworthy content which is then distributed through industry appropriate media portals to ensure that it gets picked up by the media for maximum Search Engine Optimisation benefit.


At SEO Consult Australia, we want our clients to be kept fully up to date with how every aspect of their Search Engine Optimisation campaign is progressing, which is why we developed our own SEO reporting tool, Clicktelligence®. Through this online system, all SEO clients can log into their account at any time and see all kinds of Search Engine Optimisation reports and data. At SEO Consult Australia, we believe in transparent Search Engine Optimisation services to ensure that you can see how your SEO campaign is transforming your online business.